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First Date

University of Minnesota Morris in the Edward J. & Helen Jane Morrison Gallery

August 24 – October 12


Together With (Denver, CO)

Denver, CO at the Philip J. Steele Gallery on Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design's campus.

Curated by Kate Mothes

September 7th - October 5th, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7th, 2017

Together With is an exploration of duality, specifically addressing the so-called middle distance between two extremes. The premise of the exhibition was an artistic and geographic exchange, taking place both in Denver, CO, and Madison, WI, in order for artists in the Denver-based artist collective Hyperlink to engage with artists in other parts of the country and vice versa. Whether Denver and Madison are considered West or Midwest, they are both situated within the vast expanse between, and apart from, the two major American art hubs of Los Angeles and New York. Together With draws artists and their work from both coasts while emphasizing the Midwest as a meeting place, a middle ground.

The theme of duality is so broad as to be practically an anti-theme; it invites a diverse range of interpretations. Some artists’ work deliberately explores sub-themes such as the transition between life and death, inside and outside, or body and soul. Some of the work formally interprets duality by using materials we associate with barriers, or creating pieces and spaces that transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Additionally, some work operates in a more conceptual sense by juxtaposing the beautiful and the grotesque, the limits or barriers of the body, views on privacy and publicity, and perceptions of the real and the imaginary. The eclectic group of artists and artwork meet in an exhibition wherein multiple dualities revolve around and touch off of one another.

Non-Hyperlink artists: