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Yeah Maybe #29

May 19 & 20, 2018

Yeah Maybe, Minneapolis, MN

The exhibition, Yeah Maybe #29,  is the visualization of a larger cross-pollination at work. Contained within the rooms of Yeah Maybe are works by a group of artists collectively known as Hyperlink. The very title of their collective, “Hyperlink,” refers to the hyperlinked nature of our existence vis a vis the internet and social media. Based in Denver, the collective engages new communities across the United States through exchanges. Almost in defiance to our hyperconnected state of mind, the purpose of these exchanges are to foster open communication and forge new connections with artists and viewers in person. To view art on Instagram or the Internet is different compared to experiencing it in real life. Tangible and meaningful connections are made and solidified

On the first floor, are works by Theresa Anderson, Tobias Fike, and Donald Fodness. Upstairs are selections by artists Amber Cobb, Ian Fisher, Matthew Harris, Derrick Velasquez, Summer Ventis, Kathryn Wingard and Xi Zhang. The layout was made by practical decisions, but there is are nebulous connections that thread across all of the artists in Hyperlink despite their seemingly disparate practices. Many share an aesthetic that blurs the grotesque with the surreal. Others share a common visual language that uses vernacular forms and media to pose complex critiques. Collectively, the artists are interested in the liminality that occurs through relationships. “Liminality” represents the threshold between previous ways of structuring knowledge, and new ways of understanding. Each create objects that ask you to pause, examine, and reassess. To examine your engagement with the environment. To question authorship and historical narratives. To assess how you corporally engage the world. To cross a threshold into a new form of understanding.